January 8, 2015

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Dear Stephanie,

This is just a brief update to let you know how things are going since I bought the DVD course from you a couple months ago. One friend and I have been going through the disks together since I got them and have been practicing on each other, as well as other people. I have a couple other friends who are just starting to go through the DVD course with me as well. I will speak only for myself here. I have chronic, long lasting health problems that did not respond to all the other natural therapies I have used. However, I have improved a lot by working with your training.

Chronic fatigue and digestive discomfort have been the most recalcitrant problems for me. By about the third week into this, when my friend and I got to where we were doing the 14 muscle balance and centering corrections on each other, both of us noticed significant improvements in our problems. The best part is these improvements seem to be lasting. We keep working on each other every week, as well as other people, such as family, friends and clients.

I greatly appreciate the jump in my health and energy levels and I know others I have worked on feel the same way. After my friend and I started the weekly routine of working through all these balances on each other we found that testing each other got easier and easier. Our muscles are easier to read it seems and we can make fast progress through the corrections and helping each other. This is true for other friends I have worked on a number of times now as well. The more times you work on someone, the easier it gets to read their muscle responses.

As a result of this weekly testing performed on myself, I have also begun to realize how much emotions affect my health. This is holding true for other friends as well. Some emotional thing that seems insignificant may cause us to become blocked, or disrupt our central meridian. We find if this has happened right away, with the pretests and then we correct the problem before we go further. Using the techniques you teach to track down causes, has helped us to identify the things that are causing us problems and hurting our bodies in ways we did not realize.

Keeping our bodies in balance with kinesiology and clearing our emotional stresses at least weekly is truly blessing our lives. I am very grateful to God, you, Michael and the rest of the team for putting this DVD course together. My friends feel the same way. I’ve even used the Wernicke’s corrections a number of times and had it done on myself, and those of us using it feel that it is a powerful technique just as you say.

I told you the story of how God sent me exactly the funds needed to purchase the course soon after I asked Him to do so if this was His will. A person I barely know sent me $500 saying it is from God, who told her to send it. I have no doubt this was Father God’s will for me to bring deliverance in my life and the lives around me. There has never been one moment of regret since I purchased the course and each day confirms for me this is from Him.

God Bless,

M. H., Arizona”



I just wanted to drop you a note and say THANK YOU. I received my perfect health with kinesiology yesterday and started to watch the DVDs and couldn’t stop watching them, all the information and step by step demonstrations you show are truly so easy not only for myself but for anyone to understand, you are truly a wonderful teacher and a visionary.

I have researched hundreds of muscle testing and kinesiology programs for A LOT more money, anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000, that offered less information than your perfect health program so I have to thank you so very much for the best complete program a person could order and most of all at the best price.

God Bless

Mark J Portincasa, HHP”


Title of email: Unbelievable

“Hello Stephanie,

For reasons I still don’t totally understand, I began studying healing at the age of 12. That was 48 years ago. The chances are that if someone can name it, I’ve studied it, along with a number of healing modalities that work great but no one seems to have heard of, lol.

Anyway Stephanie… I ordered your course on Synergistic Kinesiology a couple of weeks ago. I can’t thank you enough. I’m both amazed and delighted by both the quality, and depth of information included in this amazing course. The logistics of producing the videos along with the training manual and practitioners manual must have been mind boggling for both of you. The fact that you didn’t take any shortcuts on the quality of the video to the quality of the paper, book covers, photos or drawings, is much appreciated. Please extend my great thanks to Michael. Ahhhh, integrity.

I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything that I’ve been happier with. What a wonderful change from the usual “wow this looks a lot cheaper in person” feeling I’ve had so many times before.

Thanks again Stephanie for your time, and for taking the time to produce something that will bring so much good health, to so many.

Best Wishes,

Scott Walker,


The following was posted on Amazon with the title “BOOK OF THE CENTURY“:

” I am Borce Bozinovski, a classical homeopath from Macedonia.

Sometimes in my practice I am stuck with difficult cases. Therefore I have decided
to find another modality which will be enough strong to unlock the stuck cases.

The solution is: The Synergistic Kinesiology DVD’s set from Master Stephanie Relfe.

Please try it! You will be surprised at the immediate effect. I beg Mrs Stephanie to continue with her valuable writing and to create the second part, the third part ,..etc of the powerful Synergistic Kinesiology!

Now a few words for the book – You are not fat you are toxic.

It is the best holistic book that I have ever read. I possess maybe more that 500 holistic books but I must CLAIM:



It is everything explained with fantastic clarity and You will have answers for many, many diseases.

Please make something the best for your life.

I can write here more and more but I do not want to be boring to you. My recommendation is:

Please take this book and threw out all another holistic books from your dusty shelves.

Only keep THIS BOOK on your shelf, or your desk.

Thank God that showed me the way to this gold mine – You are not fat You are toxic!

The best book of the century!!!!!!!!”

(Note: A copy of the book now comes with each Perfect Health DVD Training System.)

“Dear Stephanie,

As a 53 year old woman, I’ve had these heart flutterings occurring every so often, along with a sudden urge to cough because it would seem as though I’m suddenly out of breath. This would always happen when sitting down, or resting at the end of the day.

Since I have done some of the techniques you teach in your DVDs, these heart flutterings are gone…all gone…I can’t recall the exact date as to when I had an episode….


Micky Oler, Illinois”

“I have been using Synergistic Kinesiology for many years in my practice as a Clinical Massage Therapist. This program is brilliant in its ability to teach anyone these powerful techniques for optimal living.

It has helped my clients and myself with the following:

  • PTSD or trauma stored in the body by using Wernicke’s Test and Correction,

  • Re-balancing of the body by isolating unlocked muscles and restoring the body so it is no longer compensating. Which then allows for full range of motion and pain receptors then turn off,

  • Testing foods that are negative to a specific person and thus eliminating negative food will eliminate ailment. In addition, testing for positive foods to empower clients on what to eat for their body.

A must for any professional or parent interested in optimal health and well being!!!

Kristina Kennedy CMT

“Hello Stephanie,

My name is Fred Hernandez. For years I have struggled with western medicine and have been afflicted with HMO for sometime now. I was assured I would get better, after another surgery and more pills.

I looked into alternative medicine and was shocked at the number of scams in the market.

Your Synergistic Kinesology program is truly a gem. From the quality of the DVDs and books to the presentation of the materials. Everything was very professionally done and yet easy to follow.

I have had knee and back surgey from a car accident and when the weather changes I am in terrible pain. More recently I had to have a pace maker put in and have had trouble sleeping and focusing.

The first night of the 3 days I worked on corrections with a friend I didn’t feel much difference. However, as we moved through the DVDs and did some leg corrections almost immediatly I felt relief in my knee.

I experienced the same nearly instant relief of pain when we did the hip and back corrections.

My friend runs marathons and is in great shape but even he said he felt more coordinated, lighter and more energized by the corrections.

When you buy a product it is rare to get your money’s worth now a days. Your DVD program is worth more than money. I feel like it has given me my life back.Thank you again

Fred Hernandez, Chicago, IL

“I wanted tell you how great it has been since I have been learning your Kinisiology course. A year ago I ran into someone that was offering a class. I thought that I would give it a try.I improved my life through seeing a nutritionist, as well as changing my diet. I thought the class couldn’t hurt. I was also interested in helping people in more in a holistic approach. After a month of learning some of the course my mood, health, and well being improved so much. I have so much more clarity then I had before learning this approach. I ended up getting the DVDs and manual so I can learn this on my own. Now that I have learned about Synergistic Kinisology, I do not know how anyone could live without it. I highly recommend this course, even if it is just for you and your family. Thank you Stephanie for bringing this course to peoples attention.

Gary Pfeffer”

“Dear Stephanie,

I had to write and thank you for the life-changing results I have obtained from watching and applying the information on your kinesiology DVDs. For almost two weeks I had suffered dizzy spells, the side-effects of a cold that would not go away. Since they were mild, I did not pay too much attention to it. But finally one morning I woke up with vertigo that was so severe that any movement made me throw up. I couldn’t even walk without holding on to something! After a couple of hours of waiting to see if it would pass, I became alarmed and asked my husband to take me to the hospital. Since there is very little that can be done about vertigo, at the hospital I got a prescription and was sent home, even though I was still feeling very dizzy and having a hard time walking.

When I got home, I asked my husband to apply the three balancing corrections (hyoid, gaits, cloacals) from the kinesiology DVDs to me, praying that it would help. What a relief! After he did the corrections, I felt almost normal within an hour. The vertigo was gone! I never did take the prescribed pills. Six days have now passed and I remain symptom free. It’s such a relief that after weeks of dizziness, ending with a trip to the hospital, I can function again! I cannot thank you enough. The results I have obtained exceeded all my expectations.


Maria Cuervo”

“I wanted to report some physical improvements in Joe’s health as a result of the past attempts to do kinesiology.

The changes are that because of his army injury in the right hand, his circulation to that hand has always been off and his nails won’t grow properly. Amazingly and for the first time ever, we both agree that his nails on that hand are the longest we’ve EVER seen them.

Since this was a chronic and uncurable issue related to an injury which included surgery to reconnect nerves, it was really unexpected as a result. The other thing is a chronic pain in the wrist ‘vanished’ (for Joe).

Maria Cuervo”

“Thank you for writing to inquire about my progress with the course. I did complete the entire course and found to to be extremely useful. I have recommended it to others, and a friend of mine recently purchased it.

When I watched the video I was sure that I have had a lifelong problem with centering. I had a number of surgeries over the years. Sure enough, a number of the centering tests showed I was out of balance, and we corrected them. I think it has made a positive difference for me. I have also worked on my relatives and friends, all of whom are amazed at the difference in their muscle strength before and after a particular correction.

I have also done a fair amount of the Wernicke’s correction work with my friend. That is amazing work.

Thanks so much for putting together such a comprehensive overview of AK in an easily-assimilated format. I know it was a massive undertaking, and I very much appreciate your effort. I think it was worth every penny I paid for it!


Patricia Lynch”

“Hello Stephanie,

I am doing great with the DVDs … am up to number seven now and am probably a bit slower than many others who watch them but there is so much great information that I want to make sure to take it in and it’s brought up a lot of my own stuff, since they are increasing my understanding in so many ways… and you should know that I REALLY enjoyed number five since it gave me an amazing understanding of mistakes I have made and will greatly improve the communication between myself and my husband :-) since the wisdom I took out of it when shared with him made him really want to watch them as well :-) I really like the gentle way you get your points across…

Lena G.”

“Hi Stephanie,

Like I promised I would like to tell you one of my experiences with kinesiology /energy healing.

A lady who is a psychic called me, because her son got an accident during work, where he got an electric shock. The son is a big guy and loved eating very much. This was not the case anymore the moment he got the accident. His appetite was gone. While driving a car he suddenly gets blurred vision and it was not safe for him being out there driving a car. The doctors told the mother that they had to wait to see what will happen, how his system would react for recovering.The mother treated him using the methods she knew, but it would not hold. She told me that her son’s aura was grey and was diminishing.

I went there and treated her son. I couldn’t do muscle testing because he had no energy to hold. I did the centering technique with him, and then treated him using Tuning Forks (Soma energetics). His meridians all went strong and he was balanced. I told the mother to let me know his progress. I treated him at 11:00 a.m and the mother called me at 18:00 telling me that he had started eating and that he was doing fine. During the treatment with the forks she told me she could see the aura glowing and beautiful energy coming out or produced by the forks. This was a huge experience for me and made me more confident using these kind of energy healing forms to help our fellow man.

I think that the centering of the son’s body was an important part in the procedure.


Eric Adamus

Curacao Netherlands Antilles”

“I’ve studied a lot of Kinesiology systems. This was the best organized and most complete presentation I have seen.

Chris Crawford, Manual Therapist”

“I ordered the perfect health course, went through it and stated to practice on a friend of mine. She had been getting high blood pressure and was recently put on medication by her doctor. She would take her blood pressure a few times a day. Before I started to work on her she took her blood pressure and it was high. She asked me if she thought the work from the perfect health with applied kinesiology would help her blood pressure. I honestly did not think it would do much, but told her we could try it. After I went through many of the clearings with her she told me she felt a little better.

She than took her blood presure and it was actually normal. The next day it was also normal she told me without taking her medication in the morning. She went back to her doctor and he told her to continue to monitor it and would lower her medication if it continued to stay normal.

Dan, FL”

“The Synergistic Kinesiology DVD Training, by Stephanie Relfe, is without a doubt one of the best training courses I have ever taken. Many DVD (Video) training courses are just a recording of a seminar or workshop which includes all the idle chatter and noise produced in a room full of students. This DVD Training is for training purposes only; no students.

The quality of the audio and visual content of the DVD’s is 100% professionally done. The presentation moves at a very calm pace and is broken into small, easy to digest segments.

Each DVD is shipped in its own jewel case, with the title of the DVD shown on the top of each one. The course even comes with its own storage case to keep everything together.

Two hard bound manuals are included with the course. The largest manual is almost a complete word for word recap of the DVD segments, including color pictures. The second hard bound manual is a smaller summary of the DVD segments for fast review of specific points.

The DVD on muscle testing for foods presented material I had not been exposed to before and will be using in my own practice.

I chose to use the option for taking an online exam and received a professionally designed Certificate of Completion that is now framed and displayed in my office.

If you are looking for a GREAT Kinesiology Training course, look no further. You will be amazed at how much you will learn in the Synergistic Kinesiology DVD Training by Stephanie Relfe.

Gary Travis, Ph.D.

Energy Psychology Therapist

Inner Being Center

Prescott Valley, Arizona”

“The kinesiology class is going marvelously. We were really patting ourselves on the back last night because we finally finished all of the muscle tests. We did the pretests DVD’s (#1, 2) first, and then skipped to DVD #11 on Wernicke’s Commands. So as not to break confidence with the other class members, I’ll just say that we were surprised with some of the beliefs / commands we were harboring behind our right ears. My commands centered around being able to succeed or accomplish my goals. Since clearing the wretched words, it’s been much easier to move forward, i.e. I don’t feel like I have to fight myself to accomplish something.

We took longer then normal to complete the two muscle balance DVD’s because we kept pausing to ask our bodies why some of the muscle tests wouldn’t test strong and/or correct. After I cheated and read ahead in chapter 12 (and pestered Stephanie with questions), we quit struggling and did a little “indicator change” conversation every time we ran into a snag. Answers ranged from “we weren’t isolating the muscle correctly” (wrong angle) to “repeating the corrections won’t help, just keep going.”

The most fun discovery was on one of the women who has very painful feet. She tested weak on the left side for the circulation/sex meridian. Naturally corrections didn’t help. Questioning revealed the circulation problem was specifically lymph in her right leg (why she has the painful crystals in her foot). Her body said it wanted her to quit eating sugar and white flour, do reflexology, and take care of an emotional issue (which she already knew about) in order to correct the problem. Needless to say, we were all highly impressed with the ability of the body to not only be able to communicate with us but to also get quickly to the root of the problem.

Outside of class the mother/daughter team tried (on a whim) using the few muscle balances they knew when the daughter had the flu. Within an hour her stomach was feeling better and the pounding headache had completely gone away. They are now true converts of kinesiology. Before they were just desperate and hoping this might work.

So, Stephanie and Michael, thank you for all of the hard work you did to share this valuable information with others.

Elaine in Ohio”, (where a group of six people were learning as part of a church group)

“Wow! What an incredible job you have done to create this work!

Having studied and used the principles of Kinesiology in practice since 1975 I decided to get the Perfect Health DVD series. I feel like a new student all over again because you have simplified the work and included a format that makes sense and gives the practictioner a checklist direction.

Stephanie Relfe
(instructor) and Michael Relfe (producer) have created THE BEST teaching series.

Kinesiology is a complex subject yet the treatment can be simple and produce excellent results. The DVDs and manuals can teach anyone who can learn how to accurately test and balance the body with Kinesiology.

The checklist learning format is uncomplicated as the manual follows the DVD exactly, so a person is taught as a one-on-one seminar. Excellent for lay people with no previous knowledge, or experienced practioners. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Reed Wakefield DC.

2608 Artie St Ste 1 Huntsville, Al 35805

256 519-8972

“Hi. My wife and I are still on the first DVD. I want us to practice on each other and we’ve had a a pretty slow start… We both do like the easy to follow format you’ve provided on the DVD’s. It looks really easy to pick up…just a matter of practicing and stopping our minds from the constant chatterin interferrences including trying not to giggle…but I think that is part of the fun.

We appreciate your work very much and are both looking forward to adding kinesiology to our ever growing health tools. Thank you very much.

Kindest Regards,

Leon and Family


“Hi Stephanie,

I’ve received the set and I just don’t know where to begin to tell you what it was like to open up that box! Magnificent! It is instantly obvious that substantial expense went into all the materials – the absolutely BEAUTIFUL hard bound books, the perfectly easy-to-read quick reference laminated lists, and the dvd covers create such an impressive display in the library case.

I first thumbed through the practitioner’s manual then opened the larger training manual, and wow wow wow! They are both so perfectly laid out so that everything is clear, concise, spacious, with LARGE color diagrams, and with very helpful snapshots for illustration. What a terrific surprise that they were not printed in tiny encyclopedia style words and diagrams.

I had intended to also just thumb through the training manual for now, but I ended up reading the first 50 pages and just had to MAKE myself close it until later in the day – I’m supposed to be working right now! It is a very easy read in a splendid conversational style.

I plan to start watching the dvd’s this weekend, and in the meantime I’ll be reading the books. I’ll write to you again when I’ve completed all of it, but I just HAD to tell you this part right away!

Thanks so much Stephanie, and I can already say with confidence that you are well on your way down the yellow brick road of something really big.


Lynn, Georgia”


“Mary (my practice partner) and I breezed right through the first DVD techniques. It was so easy! You did a marvellous job when you put together that training DVD. It went at the right pace with time to try out what you were teaching. The information you offered about Kinesiology was so interesting that we almost forgot to do the testing.

Everything flowed so well, and Mary felt a difference right away. She is very pleased with the result. She
wanted me to tell you that it made her feel much better, even after only one balance.

We are amazed by your Perfect Health Synergistic Kinesiology and Muscle Testing DVDs and Training Manual.

The DVDs are excellent with a straight forward step-by-step approach to Kinesiology. You make them so simple to understand.

The speed of our progress demonstrates your teaching ability and highlights the solid, easy-to-follow course layout.

Your pause-and-proceed method is perfect. It is a joy to learn Kinesiology in this manner.

Stephanie, you are an excellent instructor with a wealth of information to impart to your audience. Michael, your producing, directing, editing, and marketing talents are the creative ‘glue’ that binds it all together. You have created a ‘work of art’ in alternative health care.

The techniques are easy to learn and remember because of the repetitive teaching method you employ.

The Training Manuals are beautiful. There is so much detailed information in brilliant color that studying them is a sheer pleasure.

Your training manual and the DVD are a “must have” for people who are serious about getting better and helping their loved ones and friends improve their health as well. “Perfect Health” is the way to the perfect you.

D. Hayes

“I am writing to say thank you VERY MUCH for the opportunity to preview this Kinesiology course with my teen age girls. As I have told you before, I have been searching for several years for a way to learn more about this science but my remote location and unusual circumstances left us without any options.

It has answered so many needs at once! We have been very impressed with the quality of your material and especially your teaching manner. Before receiving the course I wondered if my girls might not be able to follow along, but your clear and concise methods have been comfortable even for the younger ones. We have ALL especially appreciatated the way you present information as if we were really right there with you..

Stephanie, not only have you met the greater need for getting this material into remote places where it is needed and will be well used, but you have an incredible gift for teaching as well, which is an added blessing. Thank you so much for the work you have shared with the greater world. God bless you.”

Carol, . New Zealand.


Hi Stephanie,

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Perfect Health.

The presentation and materials are very clean, clear, very well organized, and very well produced.

I really like how the text book covers what’s on the DVD’s, and how the manual cleanly summarizes the text. This makes review and re-enforcement of concepts and processes very easy.

I like the repetition used on the DVD’s to help solidify learning.

The text and manual are excellent. I really appreciate the hard covers. I like the 2-page spreads for the muscle tests, and the use of color. I can often “see” the relevant pages in my minds eye when attempting to recall a muscle’s specifics. I really like the chapter/process summaries, including the summary of an entire session.

Very solid educational theory well implemented; it’d be tough NOT to learn using these materials. I’m somewhat surprised that Touch For Health doesn’t use a similar presentation method, especially given Mathew’s Masters in Education; it’s obvious you’ve paid attention to (or perhaps created) some solid learning theory.

Thanks for the work you put in to your materials.

Kind regards,

Kerry R.






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