Synergistic Kinesiology – 3 Day Timetable

Suggested Schedule for Three Day Seminar

to Learn the Complete

“Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing” system

The faster you do the exercises for ALL the disks, and have the techniques done on you, the more results you will get, the better you will feel and the more confidence you will have in making this work for others.

Time is valuable. But learning this system is also highly valuable. In fact, it’s crucial to improving your quality of life NOW and especially for your later years.

Therefore, no matter how much time you have, it is important to SCHEDULE a time to complete the DVDs. You may schedule an appointment one evening a night every week to do this (eg 7pm Tuesday). However, we are finding that it works best for people to get stuck right in and do the whole thing as soon as possible.

The whole system can be easily learned in three days, if you put the time aside and treat it as you would any other seminar. That is, you devote all your time to learning from 9am to early evening. I promise, this will be a lot of fun for you and your friends or students!

Here is a suggested format. The times includes time to watch the video and plenty of time to do the exercises. It also includes time for breaks between each section. You can use this format for yourself, or if you wish to teach this system as a 3 day kinesiology seminar. We don’t even mind of you charge people money to learn this system!



#1: Muscle Testing & Corrections


Stephanie Relfe’s Story

How to Muscle Test Accurately

How to Correct an Unlocking Muscle

Neuro-Lymphatic Points

Neuro-Vascular Points

Points Example – Supraspinatus


#2: The Essential Pretests

Origin & Insertion Techniques

History of Kinesiology

Healing Crisis

Pretest: Anterior Deltoid & Supraspinatus

Pretest: Central Meridian

Pretest: Dehydration

Pretest: Switching

Pretest: Blocking

#3: Fourteen Muscle & Fourteen Organ Balance – Part 1

Body Clock & Meridian Massage

1. Supraspinatus – Central Meridian

2. Teres Major – Governing Meridian

3. Pectoralis Major Clavicular – Stomach Mer.

4. Latissimus Dorsi – Spleen Meridian

5. Subscapularus – Heart Meridian

6. Quadriceps – Small Intestine Meridian

7. Peroneus – Bladder Meridian

#4:Fourteen Muscle & Fourteen Organ Balance – Part 2

8. Psoas – Kidney Meridian

9. Gluteus Medius – Circulation Sex Meridian

10. Teres Minor – Triple Warmer Meridian

11. Anterior Deltoid – Gall Bladder Meridian

12. Pectoralis Major Sternal – Liver Meridian

13. Anterior Serratus – Lung Meridian

14. Fascia Lata – Large Intestine Meridian

Over Energy Condition

#5: Communication & Emotional Stress Release

Stresses that cause a body to go out of balance

The Two Models For Health

The Triad of Health

The Diamond of Health

Clearing Emotions

Unknown Aspects of Communication

How to remove the stress of a past Incident

Emotional Stress Release (ESR)

#6: Applied Kinesiology Centering Corrections 1

1. Hyoid Test & Correction

2. Anterior Gaits Test & Correction

3. Lateral Gaits Test & Correction

4. Posterior Gaits Test & Correction

5. Contra-Lateral Gaits Test & Correction

#7:Applied Kinesiology Centering Corrections 2

1. Cloacals General Test

2. Anterior Cloacals Test

3. Anterior Cloacals Correction

4. Posterior Cloacals Test

5. Posterior Cloacals Correction

#8: Applied Kinesiology Ileocecal Valve and Houston Folds Test & Correction

The Ileocecal Valve

The Houston Folds

Valve & Folds – Stuck Open or Stuck Closed

The Ileocecal Valve Test & Correction

The Houston Folds Test & Correction

#9: Back Muscles

Back Pain: The 3 Most Important Muscles

Quadratus Lumborum – Test

Quadratus Lumborum – Correction

Sacrospinalis – Test

Sacrospinalis – Correction

Piriformis – Test

Piriformis – Correction

#10: Muscle Testing Food

Food – Strengthening, Neutral or Weakening

How to Test if a Food is Negative

How to Test if a Food is Positive

Emotional Attachment

Indicator Change

How Long to Give Up a Particular Food

Testing Which Brand to Buy

Testing Substances Which Are Not Eaten

#11: The Wernicke’s Correction

#12: Identifying the Cause of Problems

Talking to the body

Finger modes

Emotional Causes

Electrical Causes

Nutritional & Chemical Causes

Physical Causes

Candida Correction

Protecting Your Energy

The Training now Comes with the book:

You’re not Fat, You’re Toxic

Your Permanent Weight Loss Program

Plus an encylopedia of natural health & diet


How to get a Group of People to Learn with

Now, what if you would like more people to work with than just friends and family? The more, the merrier. The more people, the more imbalances and symptoms there will be to work on, and the better you will learn. Plus there will be more trained people later to work on YOU.

Here’s a suggestion that worked great for one lady. Start a group up at Put the words “naturalhealth” in the name of the group. If “naturalhealth” is already taken for your area, make it, for example: naturalhealth-dubuque. ‘Naturalhealth’ is a key word that hundreds of people search on.

Write a description so that only the kind of people you like decide to join. One lady in Pennsylvania who did this, had 8 nice, professional people want to join her group within 5 days! Make the first meeting at a public place like the library. Here’s her group as an example:

If you decide that you want to run a seminar, whether or not you charge people to learn, make sure you contact us to discuss obtaining multiple copies at discount rates.

If you have any questions, I am very, very happy to talk with you on the phone. I love talking about kinesiology & muscle testing, and how it can transform lives and the world. That includes people outside the USA. Please make contact!

Best regards, Stephanie Relfe.

P.S. Remember, once you have done all the corrections, and had them done on you, you are very close to being able to get certified.






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