Results Reported by Clients of Stephanie Relfe After 2-3 sessions of Kinesiology

Results Reported by

Clients of Stephanie Relfe

After 2-3 sessions of Kinesiology

***Please note, only some of the following results were obtained by using just the techniques taught in my DVD series. In some cases, other kinesiology corrections were required. Most cases included giving up foods, that the people muscle tested as negative for, for a while. Results will vary from client to client and from kinesiologist to kinesiologist.

“Stephanie – gift is awesome. Very deep healing done gently.” Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

“Since visiting Stephanie I have felt much less stressed at work. The little things the children used to do, now don’t worry me. Even things that should worry me don’t any more. I believe this has happened because Stephanie has made me aware of listening to my body and its needs. Also I now have more confidence in myself.” Sharon N.

“I wasn’t a negative person before hand, but after my balance life looked even more positive – almost to the extent that I felt like I was on a high!” Gina R.

“To Stephanie. Thanks since seeing you in March my new lifestyle has given me more confidence. First 3 weeks I lost 1 stone, 10 lbs (24 lbs) after having seen you. I have slept well, for a while I had been seeing doctors who could not find the cause of leg pains and under rib pains also I don’t get tired. I am 62 and feeling great! My back is no longer slouched, Also after having an operation muscles that did not (work) now work. Emotionally things that I thought I had dealt with weren’t. Good stuff.” Rose K.

“I am so excited. Since I was a teenager I had been conditioned into thinking I had Reynaud’s Disease (numb hands when cold). Now at the age of 60 years and after one visit to Stephanie I no longer have numb hands. They are cold at times yes – but never numb”. Rita R.

“After suffering a cracked disk as the result of a car accident I spent many agonising years prior to my Kinesiology session with Stephanie Wilkins. I am now free from pain and continue an active lifestyle.” Robert M.

“No one had been able to do anything to fix the pain in my arm. But it went from a 7/10 pain to no pain within half an hour, and has not returned.” Eddie T.

“Before I saw Stephanie I had a 1/2 inch lump of cartilage in my hand. After I saw Stephaie it went away. Plus I have lots more energy.” Doris S.

“I came to Stephanie complaining about recurring thrush (vaginal yeast infection), hair falling out and more than normal constipation. I have suffered recurring thrush for over 12 months using creams to help (if only temporarily). 3 days after Stephanie’s session thrush was gone. This was a good relief. Hair is back to normal. My bowel is working better as well. My energy level also improved.” Grazyna W.

“Had back pain for years. Physios and osteopaths couldn’t fix it. After one session it disappeared.” Tim C.

“Could not believe the difference that just one consultation could do.” Judy.

“Dear Stephanie, This is to let you know that I am still feeling energetic after coming for the second session of kinesiology with you. I really am very pleased with the way I am feeling both emotionally and physically. My blood pressure has dropped considerably and is almost normal. As I told you I have joined a gym and exercise at least three times a week. I am sure this is adding considerably to my well being. I have also lost weight and am still losing. Its great to be able to do up all my trouser buttons without any strain! I haven’t completely lost my sweet tooth but I am certainly not eating cakes and ice-cream or chocolate – maybe the occasional chocolate. Instead of just eating anything I see, I now am much more choosy and tend to put healthy things into my mouth. I am sure this is a direct result of my sessions with you. I haven’t stopped the nail biting but it is improving…. Best wishes, Yours, Barbara C.”

(From a 51 year old woman) “Dear Stephanie, You have saved my life. I have suffered migraines since 19 years and then at 35 years at each menstruation and so has had a bad impact on my life, at work having to continue under any circumstances, at that time having a son to raise solely and no sickies in those days, also none acceptance of invitations socially.

I have pursued every possibility for help – many G.P.s’, neurosurgeons, physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, naturopaths, acupuncture, homeopathy, and whilst having benefited from above my migraines did not desist. A friend saw your advertisement in Nexus and more for her (I had had enough) I visited you. I am so glad I did as the results have been outstanding, NOT HAVING A MIGRAINE FOR 36 DAYS and expect this to continue. Many thanks for your caring and professional attitude. Kind regards, Lynn F.”

The following are reports that were given to me verbally. They are taken from my records of the sessions:

Sinus, headaches, neck pain, a ‘fuzzy feeling”, no energy, back problems and thrush – all in just one client – healed.

Sore shoulder better, chronic diarrhoea stopped.

A woman came very worried about a lump under her arm. She had just been for some medical tests and was very worried and upset by the reaction of the doctors who wouldn’t tell her what they discovered but told her to come back next week for some more tests. After one session and a week later when she went back for the second tests the doctors were surprised to find that there was no longer anything wrong with her.

Sleeping 100% better, have more energy and lost 4 pounds!

Feeling fabulous.

The pain from a horse riding accident improved. Plus the client felt a lot calmer and no longer gets pain when turning the wheel of the car.

Shoulder pain reduced from very extreme to hardly at all.

A client who used to not sleep well now goes straight to sleep.

Chronic constipation has gone. Sugar cravings reduced.

One clients bad asthma reduced to the extent that she ‘felt great’. Plus she easily reduced her smoking from 4 packets a day to 10 cigarettes a day.

A client who used to cry easily and had a pain in the stomach reported feeling good.

Previously chronically tired and stressed. Now feel better and have more energy.

One woman now feels very calm and is not affected by her children so much. Her neck pain has gone. Plus she can now do head stands which she has not been able to do for a year.

One woman who went from having a bloated belly to a flat tummy “couldn’t believe how fast it happened”.

One client no longer has to have a sleep every afternoon like she used to.

Hands have stopped shaking and ‘obsessive compulsive behaviour’ has stopped.

Previous to her session, a woman in her 40s was unable to have an orgasm. She reported that after one session she now can!

Decades old acne has cleared up.

Intense back pain went away – and stayed away for at least 10 months later.

Bladder control improved.

One client went from feeling very emotional at the wrong times to feeling “more put together”.

Throat infections have gone.

Mild asthma has gone.

Jogging times have improved.

One client used to measure her blood pressure regularly, because she had a problem with it. She reported that it was the lowest she could ever remember it being after her session.

A 10 year old girl no longer cries for no reason.

Energy better “by a country mile”.

One woman over 60 years old who had been depressed “all her life” said that she no longer feels depressed, and that her sons really noticed the difference in her.

“I lost 24 pounds in the 3 weeks after seeing you. My new lifestyle has given me more confidence.”

Stomach pains gone.

Need to urinate a lot less.

Chronic diarrhoea has stopped.

Big, red ‘blotches’ on one clients’ face cleared up completely within 2 weeks after her session.

Constant trembling and shaking has stopped. Feeling a lot better.

One woman’s disk in her back used to slip out and lay her out for days. She now feels fine.

Ringing in ears has improved.

One client was unable to turn her head due to pain, and now her neck feels great. Her daily headaches have nearly all gone.

Diarrhoea in a 6 year old girl has stopped.

Rash on chest healed.

Thrush gone.

One woman’s neck no longer ‘cracks’ like it used to.

No longer feel dizzy after waking up. No more headaches. No more mood swings.

One client said, “I was bleeding from the bowels for five days. And I stopped instantly after a balance.”

One woman would go for up to 8 days without a bowel movement! Her bowels now work normally!!! Plus – her hair is no longer falling out.

One woman came to the session with red eyes – and when the session was over, the whites of her eyes were white again!

A five year old boy no longer gets ear infections after one session.

No longer have itchy skin on back and ears.

One client no longer feels depressed – and he no longer takes anti-depressants.

One woman had felt emotionally “all over the place” since having 2 children, and now feels much better.

Acid reflux has gone.

One mother reported that after her 9 year old son “seems amazingly more positive” about reading and learning after his session.

Another young boy is now getting improved marks in his maths tests.

Asthma which had lasted for 26 years has improved.

One man used to vomit almost every morning! During 2 weeks after his first visit, he vomited only once.

Sinusitis has stopped.

One 10 year old girl had ankles and wrists which used to give out. Since her session she went on a triathlon where she had no trouble from her wrists and ankles.






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