Chakra Balancing including the Heart Chakra

Chakra Balancing,

Including the Heart Chakra

Many people these days have closed chakras, or chakras that are not flowing properly. This causes all kinds of problems. For example, it’s impossible to feel love fully when the heart chakra is closed. If the third eye chakra is closed, your metaphysical abilities will be limited (we are very passionate about helping people improve their metaphysical abilities. Please read our other website

The chakras probably got blocked because of intense emotional stress. It is very important for full physical and emotional healing to make sure that all chakras are balanced correctly.

To balance the chakras, it is essential to understand that they go out the back of a person, as well as out the front.


Also, some say that different chakras go in different directions, from top to bottom, and depending on whether the person is a man or a woman, as in this diagram:



It would make sense that God designed the chakras that way; when a man and woman marry, the two become one. Each complements the other to help them become whole. This complementing creates a lot more spiritual power for each person.

In any case, never assume  you know what direction a chakra should flow in. Always ask the body via a muscle test which direction it would prefer it to go in, as I will explain below:


1) Naturally, do the pretests for accurate muscle testing first. Many people think they know how to muscle test, but if you don’t do the pretests (including testing for central nervous system, dehydration and blocking), the test is invalid. I teach how to do this and much more in Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing.

2) As for any kinesiology balancing, make sure centering and 14 muscle balance are in balance, or your corrections will not hold, because these have a superior priority.

3) First know where the chakras are located: Remember ROY G BIV

7 – Violet – crown

6 – Indigo – third eye

5 – Blue – throat

4 – Green – heart

3 – Yellow – solar plexus

2 – Orange – sex

1 – Red-base

4) Then tap the chakra, say 3-4″ from the person.

5) Muscle test.

6) If muscle tested unlocks (goes weak), that chakra is out of balance.

7) Before you correct the chakra flow, you need to know which is the correct way to swirl it; Clockwise or anticlockwise? It should always be in a certain direction, but you don’t want to get messed up, so do this:

8) Muscle test:

“Indicator change if the body wants me to swirl this way” (AWAY FROM THE BODY, move your hand in the direction you will swirl it in, to show the body what you are talking about, and muscle test)

“This way” (Swirl again, in opposite direction, and muscle test).

9) Once you know what is the ideal direction,  “swirl” the vortex back in the direction the body wants, while the testee closes their eyes and pictures the color associated with that chakra.

10) Move onto next chakra.

11) Remember that chakras go out the back as well as the front. So test the back as well as the front.


There are other chakras on the body as well, for example, on the palm of your hands.

We have also found that chakras behind the back of the knees must be very important, as abductees often have these interfered with. For more information on this subject, please visit


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