Synergistic Kinesiology – Why is EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Training so Inferior to Synergistic Kinesiology?

Why is EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – so inferior to

Synergistic Kinesiology?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of dozens of different kinds of energy healing which work to heal the body and emotions. However, in my experience, and the experience of thousands of other people, any energy technique that makes use of accurate muscle testing, which includes all of the different kinesiology systems, is vastly superior to those that do not use muscle testing (including EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique).

This is because when you use muscle testing, you are literally ‘talking’ to the brain, which knows much more about what it needs than the practitioner does. Unfortunately, most of the people whom I have seen using muscle testing in the USA are not doing it accurately, partly because they don’t do pretests first. This is because they were not taught how to do pretests, or of how critical for accurate muscle testing they are. I teach how to do accurate muscle testing, and the essential pretests, in my Synergistic Kinesiolgy training DVD system, “Perfect Health with Kinesiology and Muscle Testing“.

In addition, by using muscle testing, you can do many different balances to the body, which are extremely powerful and effective.

I admit that my knowledge of Emotional Freedom Technique is second hand. I have never learned it, as the techniques that kinesiology gives have given me all the results I have needed with myself and my clients. However, I have discussed EFT with a number of people who have purchased my Synergistic Kinesiology DVD training system. After learning Emotional Freedom Technique, these people believed that it was lacking in certain things, and were searching for more effective means to achieve their results.

EFT is a form of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years, but without the invasiveness of needles. Instead, simple tapping with the fingertips is used to input kinetic energy onto specific meridians on the head and chest while you think about your specific problem – whether it is a traumatic event, an addiction, pain, etc. — and voice positive affirmations.

There is one benefit to EFT – you can do it on yourself. But in my experience, any problem that is caused by a large emotional stress, or any other kind of major body problem, needs a second person for a complete and permanent release.

In kinesiology, we say that this is because your brain is like a super computer. And a broken computer cannot fix itself. And when emotions are involved, it helps enormously to have a second person there to hold the space for you, and identify things that you on your own cannot.

While I am sure it is be better to do EFT than nothing, I will explain why it is better to do Synergistic Kinesiology.

First of all, with Synergistic Kinesiology you use accurate muscle testing to talk to the body so that it can tell you exactly what the CAUSE is. Do you really want to just tap a few meridians over and over again? Wouldn’t it be more effective, and more interesting, to find out what the cause is?

My DVD training system includes a laminated list of about 200 emotions, and shows you a quick way to locate the which one is the problem. Plus ways to remove this stress from the body.

However, just knowing what kind of emotion is the problem is not all you need to know for permanent removal. You also need to know where it came from. Surprisingly, many clients have shown that the emotion that is affecting them did not originate with them. It can come from other people whom the person was, or still is, close to. For example, children are sponges, and easily soak up anger from an angry parent.

And sometimes the emotion is with the body itself! You are not a body. You are an immortal Being (spirit) which uses the body like a car, to play the game of life with. Beings and bodies get upset over different things. For example, you don’t care if you drink alcohol – but your body does, because it knows it’s poisonous and reducing its lifetime. Synergistic Kinesiology shows you how to locate WHERE the emotion came from.

You also want to find out WHEN the emotion came from. What year in childhood? Or recently? Or is it an ongoing problem? I teach a system so that you can identify the answers to these and other questions.

In addition, many people have emotional problems caused by negative commands in the right side of their brain in an area called the Wernicke’s area. We received these commands when someone whom we considered a person in authority said them to us, for example, a parent, teacher or doctor. Some examples of wernicke’s commands are:

“You’re bad”.

“Don’t do that”.

“Give up”.

“You’re stupid”.

“You’re fat”.

“Eat all your food”.

“You’ll die of cancer”.

“You can’t have that”.

“You can’t do that”.

For more information on wernicke’s commands, please click here.

To heal any emotional or health problem, it is essential to identify and deal with the CAUSE of the problem. Amazingly, many people’s emotional problems can be caused by things that are not even emotional. For example, if a person is sensitive to certain foods, that can cause their body to go out of balance, and add more energy to their liver, which then makes them feel more angy. Synergistic Kinesiology teaches and deals with all of the causes that can cause emotional or health problems in the four main categories:

Emotional / Spiritual

Chemical / Nutritional

Structural (Physical stress, such as a blow to the body)

Electrical (Such as working too long on a computer. This is a major and usually undetected cause of many people’s problems)

I believe that Emotional Freedom Technique works by clearing blockages in the meridian system. Meridians are the rivers of energy that flow throughout the body. But kinesiology shows that we can also have blockages in the lymphatic and vascular systems, and often clearing these blockages is more important than clearing meridian blockages.

In addition, my experience and that of other kinesiologists has shown that if anyone has a major health or emotional problem, in almost all cases there will be an energy system out of balance called the Centering system, which is separate from the meridian system. It comes from Applied Kinesiology, and I teach it in my DVD series, as I believe this is THE most important correction for anyone to do to anyone for any problem.

The Centering system is composed of the cloacal, gaits and hyoid systems. If either one of these systems are out of balance, rebalancing it can make a massive difference to a person. To give you an idea of how powerful this is, the general test to find out if a person’s Centering is out of balance, a Synergistic Kinesiologist gives a gentle ‘thump’ to the client’s upper arm, (after warning them first, to avoid any emotional shock). If the centering is out of balance, immediately after doing this, ANY muscle tested in the body will ‘unlock’ – that is, test weak. Which means that that simple ‘thump’ was more stress than the body can deal with!

Rebalancing the Centering system usually increases a person’s emotional strength and ability to heal enormously. One goes from being a ‘3-legged table’ who is easily knocked around, to a ‘4-legged table’ who is spiritually strong.

In EFT, you will be doing manual things over and over again. But Synergistic Kinesiology is much more fun, because you become the body’s interpreter! You will be continually interested and amazed at what the body tells you, because the variety is endless. The body will even tell you things that the client did not. I will give a few examples to portray this:

I found in my early days from experience that just about the most stressful thing for any body is eating microwaved foods. In my early days, most of my clients who I saw for a second session still had no improvement and were again out of balance. Time and again the body told me that the cause was that their Centering systems were out of balance from eating microwaved food. This was much more stressful to the body than smoking. So, I began to tell every single client to stop using microwaved food (and microwaved water) altogether. They were to throw out the microwave oven, or at least to store it in the garage. Nearly all complied and from then on when I saw people for the second session, many of them reported improvements in their symptoms, and sometimes that the symptoms were gone altogether. In those cases, the person’s centering stayed in balance.

However, one day a lady came to me who was no better at the second session than when I first saw her. When I tested her, her Centering and other systems were as out of balance as they were when I first saw her. I did what I always do when this happens, and what I teach in disk #12 of my dvd series – I ‘locked’ in the weakness and asked the body what caused the body to go out of balance again. I then muscle tested to see if the cause was emotional, chemical or nutritional, structural (like a physical blow to the body) or electrical. The body told me the cause was electrical and I narrowed it down to microwaved food. I then said, out loud, something like, “Well, that can’t be.” And the woman said “Why not?”. And I said, “Because your body told you not to eat microwaved food.” The woman said “But I didn’t want to give it up.” So I told her that I could not help her, and asked her to go home.

Another time, a woman came to me who was well-dressed, affluent and a very nice lady who was probably in her 40s. Again, by her second session, she had experienced no improvement in her symptoms. Again, her Centering was still out of balance. This time when I asked the body why the centering did not stay in balance between her first and second sessions, the body told me that the cause was emotional. By going through the technique for finding which of the 200 emotions was the cause, and when it was, the body indicated to me that the cause was “no choice”. This is one of the most stressful emotions of all to have, because Beings always like to have choice. Muscle testing indicated that the cause was from something that happened when she was around 6 years old. I then did a quiet muscle test to myself and the body indicated to me that she had been sexually abused then. I then said to her something along the lines, “I am going to ask you a very strange question. Is it possible that you were sexually abused around 6 years old?”

Immediately she broke into a flood of tears, and said that that was in fact what had happened, and that she had never told anyone about it . I did Emotional Stress Release on this incident, so that she could remove this stress from her body, and so that her centering system could stay in balance, so that her body could heal itself.

So, to recap, some of the reasons why I believe that Synergistic Kinesiology is superior to Emotional Freedom Technique for emotional and other healing are:

Accurate muscle testing can give you so much more information, which is necessary for permanent healing, as well as being more interesting. In addition, it helps the person you are working on to see that you are really DOING something.

Identifying Wernicke’s commands is important for freeing a person from negative subconscious programming.

There are systems other than the meridian system which need rebalancing, including the Lymphatic and Vascular systems.

Rebalancing the Centering system is the most important energy work that one can do for any body that has the Centering out of balance.

Emotional Freedom Technique does not identify or deal with the underlying cause of the problem. If there is a blockage in the meridian system, there is a reason why there is a blockage. If you don’t deal with that reason, you have not done what needs doing.

UPDATE: I was discussing EFT with another practitioner who does a lot of emotional work and has seen a lot of EFT. He said that he could tell that some EFT practitioners are doing what is called “over run”. That is, they have gone way past the time that is required. He was able to tell that a person was complete on a particular technique after just one minute, but the practitioner insisted on continuing for the ‘required’ 20 minutes!

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