Synergistic Kinesiology – Cloacals: The Most important Kinesiology Correction of All


The Most important

Kinesiology Correction of All!

The most important systems to have in place is the Centering System. This is taught in Applied Kinesiology. The test to see if the Centering System is balance is simple. First warn the person of what you are about to do. Then give them a light slap on the person’s upper arm. Then muscle test the other arm . If they then test weak, that means that the simple slap was more stress than their body can handle!

There are three parts to the Centering System. One, two or all three may be out of balance.

1. One system is called Cloacals.

2. One is called “Gaits”, which is related to walking.

3. The other is called Hyoid, because it is related to the Hyoid bone of the throat.


This system is unknown by the medical system, and even by most kinesiologists. I learned this from a class that taught us from the “Applied Kinesiology workshop manual for Chiropractors” by Stokes and Marks. The very, very strange thing is that this correction is NOT in the Applied Kinesiology Synopsis by Walter, although Gaits and Hyoid are in that book.

The Cloacal System controls and regulates most if not all of the major fluctuating qualities and quantities in the body. When your Cloacals are not working you are like a ‘leaf in the wind’ and will be much more affected by different stresses.

The Cloacals seem to work by acting as a reference point for the Autonomic Nervous System, which has the main job of maintaining stability within your body. Therefore, with the Cloacals ‘blown’ , as we say, a person will be continually out of balance and the body will not be able to completely heal itself fully.

In addition, the person may be operating on 30% to 70% of normal body energy levels. In this case, there is little energy available for any needed healing.

If the Cloacals are not working properly, a few of the things that may not be as efficient as possible are:

Body energy levels



Reproductive organs



Hormone levels (affect the whole body)

Body fat


Blood sugar levels

Blood pressure

Body temperature

Speed of healing

Immune efficiency

Brain chemistry

Learning abilities


Emotional stability

Allergic responses

The good news is that it takes only a few minutes for a good Kinesiologist to put the Cloacal System back into balance. People typically notice an immediate improvement in their symptoms. In cases where people feel worse for a few days after having their Cloacals back in balance, it is a symptom of the body using the extra energy available to it to heal some major problems which until then the body has not had the energy to attend to.

I teach the cloacals correction in my training DVDs. Unfortunately, some people still don’t seem to ‘get it’. This is THE most important correction. If you have a client with any symptoms that you can’t heal, then the chances are enormous that their cloacals are out of balance.

You will also learn in disk #12 that to get someone to heal you may need to do more than just put the cloacals back in balance. When you test the person again a week or two later, if their symptoms are still exactly the same, it is quite possible that their cloacals are out of balance again, and may have gone out of balance five minutes after the person left your office.

In this case, doing the correction again is not what is needed. Instead, you need to do the techniques of disk #12 and put the imbalance into circuit, and use muscle testing to locate the cause of why they went out of balance. I have found that the cause can be many different causes, all of them very stressful to the body. Some causes have been eating microwaved food, having something terrible happen in childhood or being born by “western” birthing methods. Once you know the cause, you have the techniques to deal with it.

Many, many people, especially those with pain or health problems that nothing else has fixed, have their cloacals out of balance.

Once you get the cloacals to be in balance, and to REMAIN IN BALANCE whenever you see the person, you may get a surprise at the list of symptoms which is improved if not fully healed.

Here’s just one story of story that shows how balancing the cloacals can be so very effective, no matter what the symptom:

Recently I had a severe bout of vertigo while down with a mild cold. It had been going on for about two weeks. Since I have allergies and it is winter the effects of a cold tend to linger. Finally after two weeks of constant but mild vertigo, it was so bad that any movement made me throw up. I also had a dull constant headache. I could not walk. I could not get up from the couch, not even to walk from the living room to the bathroom. Because I am in generally good health and am not used to feeling this badly, I became alarmed and asked my husband to take me to the hospital.

Immediately upon being admitted to the hospital, I was wheeled away for a cat scan. After the cat scan I was placed in a room to wait for the doctor. When he arrived he checked my ear and found no inflammation or pus and said that it did not seem to be a bacterial infection causing a problem. I asked what would be the cause of my condition. My balance was off as well as temperature regulation. I was freezing cold even with a blanket. The doctor said that because science has no really good answer for vertigo that the best answer he could come up with was that it might be a viral infection in the middle ear or perhaps it was small objects in the ear that were causing the problem, calcifications he called them. I asked him why the cat scan would not have picked up objects in my ear. He explained that unless it was a foreign object lodged in the ear the scan would most likely not detect it. The doctor informed me that the cat scan was clean. My brain was fine, no masses or other anomalies.

Assuming the scan would pick up an object in the ear, I asked why the calcifications were not detected by the scan. He said that the objects that tend to occur in the ear are like pebbles, and very small, and that the cat scan would not detect them. I then asked about the viral infection. Was there a way to verify that it was a virus. He said that it was very difficult to look at the affected part of the ear because it was too deep in the ear to see with the naked eye. At this point he offered me Meclazine, a type of Dramamine which is supposed to ease the effects of vertigo so one can function normally. The uplifting prognosis from the doctor was that once a person gets vertigo a first time, it has a tendency to return. In addition, the only treatment is medications such as Meclazine. He even said that many older persons have an ongoing prescription and take it as needed because their vertigo is chronic and debilitating. I can vouch for debilitating! Not only could I not walk but I was so nauseous I could barely think or speak. All my energy was taken up trying to balance myself.

Further, said the doctor, these calcifications or objects in the ear are more aggravated and frequent in older persons. The image I was getting was of an older person who had to constantly endure the effects of vertigo – dizziness, nausea, and immobility – and that there is little to be done about it is to make sure the prescription is always filled and on hand in the medicine cabinet in case of a bout. My prescription was 15 pills to be taken no more than twice a day. A nurse watched me take two pills. Since that was all that could be done and I was sent home. I was still feeling extremely shaky. I was cold and I was still having a hard time balancing without the room spinning.

I got home, and after a while started to feel slightly calmer with the medication. What would happen when the medication wore off? I was not thrilled at the prospect of having to take more pills just to be able to function. Since I had recently ordered the synergestic kinesiology DVDS I decided to ask my husband to apply the three balancing corrections (hyoid, gaits, cloacals) to me, after doing the pretests.

After he did the corrections I felt normal. No dizziness. However, I waited to see what would happen and if the dizziness would return. I still had the cold and I had been dizzy for two weeks without letup. The pill was only effective for a few hours. Well, I cannot thank you enough for these DVDs and for the balance corrections. The time for another pill came and went and the dizziness never came back. For the first time in two weeks I have not been dizzy for 3 days straight. It’s amazing. Maria

It is my experience that every person who has health problems that they have not been able to heal by other means has their centering out of balance. That means that they have cloacals and / or hyoid and / or gaits out of balance.

When the cloacals are out of balance the person is “like a leaf in the wind”. The body cannot get back to balance. In addition to health problems, the person is quite possibly going to be more emotional. I know that I used to cry very easily before I found kinesiology – and it was all because my cloacals were out of balance. Now I only cry for beautiful things!

When the cloacals are out of balance the person may have 50% or less energy levels. Energy is one of the most important things for the body to have to heal itself. Give the body more energy, and it can heal better.

I believe that there is nothing more important than getting a person’s centering, including the cloacals, to be in balance and to STAY in balance. NO MATTER WHAT THE SYMPTOMS ARE You will learn how to do both of these things in my DVD training.

If the centering, including the cloacals, are in balance with the person’s eyes open, test them again with eyes shut. It is almost as if the body has “two bodies”. A person can be totally in balance with eyes open, and be out of balance with eyes shut. That means the person is out of balance the whole time that they are asleep, and meant to be healing. In this case, do both the tests and the correction with eyes shut.

The Cloacals correction is explained in the Basic Applied Kinesiology Workshop Manual by Gordon Stokes and Mary Marks, which is unfortunately no longer available. The very, very strange thing is that, while the Cloacals is THE most important Applied Kinesiology correction of all, it is NOT described in the Applied Kinesiology Synopsis by Walther! (Even though the other two parts of of the Centering System – Gaits and Hyoid, are in that book).

The contents of my DVD training system, including Cloacals, are outlined on this website.

A trailer and more information is given on this website.

Testimonials from people who have learned the system are here.






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