Back Pain Relief with Applied Kinesiology

Back Pain Relief

With Applied Kinesiology 

Lower, Upper & Middle Back Pain

by Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)

Kinesiology, which was created by chiropractors, can create healing miracles, especially with back pain. I have helped many people to heal themselves of back pain in my kinesiology practice since 1993. Quite often the pain is healed instantly, either fully or partly. Sometimes it can take a week or two for the body to heal itself once it is put back in balance. I have seldom met anyone who I could not make significant difference to their back pain. You can easily learn all of the techniques which I will describe below from my DVD training series. And the person who you learn with can work on you.

Kinesiology is a brand new branch of science which was developed by doctors, chiropractors and acupuncturists in the U.S.A. They pooled their knowledge and added it to Chinese medicine to develop a totally new technology which is amazingly efficient at balancing the body so that it can return to excellent health, energy and emotional strength. It stands apart from any other type of health technology largely due to its revolutionary use of muscle testing. To see examples of muscle testing, please see the trailer of my Training DVD. In addition to balancing the body for healing, accurate muscle testing can also identify the CAUSE of the back pain. You will learn in this article how there are a lot more causes to back pain than just lifting something heavy, or ‘bad luck’.

I myself used to have lower back pain and some neck pain all the time.  I spent over $1,000 with a chiropractor, in the 80’s.  The real problem was that at the end of my treatments, the pain came back.  It wasn’t until I found kinesiology and made some improvements in my diet that I finally got rid of the pain.  I have not had back or neck pain now for over fifteen years.

Going to a chiropractor may not heal your back pain permanently for one very simple reason.  It is not the bones that hold up the muscles.  It is the muscles that hold up the bones.


How do we get back pain, or any other sort of pain?  First of all, there is an overload of stress.  It can be physical such as lifting an object that was too heavy.  However, I am now going to tell you a big secret of natural health that many people do not realize: The cause of the pain can also be chemical or nutritional, emotional or electrical.  And usually it is a combination of these.  It is different for different people at different times.  How do I know this? Because when we identify the cause of why a muscle went out of balance, with muscle testing, and remove the cause, the pain has not only gone, but stayed away.

The body gets overloaded by stress and so something has to give.  It’s like a fuse in the fuse box of your house blowing. The brain may decide that it is one of your back muscles that will be the fuse that blows.  That particular back muscle unlocks.  From then on, your brain will no longer be sending or receiving signals correctly to and from that muscle.

The other muscles joined to the bone are still working.  But now they pull the bone out of alignment, because they don’t have the support of the unlocked muscle. What is the result of this?  Pain is felt somewhere in the body, although not necessarily where the imbalance is.

The main part of any kinesiology session is a muscle test, followed by a correction, followed by the same muscle test. For example, almost everyone who has lower back pain will have an imbalance in their Quadratus Lumborum muscle. First the kinesiologist muscle tests this muscle. If the muscle ‘goes weak’ we say that the muscle has ‘unlocked’. This reminds the brain that this particular muscle is not receiving signals correctly. Then various corrections are made by rubbing or holding different parts on the body. Then the muscle is retested. Normally, it will now lock. The person being tested can sometimes feel a change in pain from up to an 8/10 level to a 0/0 level, when this happens.

From the DVD Series, Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing
Stephanie Relfe muscle testing Quadratus Lumborum

I teach in my DVD series how to balance Quadratus Lumborum and two other back muscles, Sacrospinalis and Piriformis, which are essential to have in a balance if one wants zero back pain. When the Sacrospinalis muscles are out of balance, the person is more likely to feel lower, upper or middle back pain. When the Piriformis muscles are out of balance, the person is more likely to feel lower back pain or hip pain. But, again, remember that pain is not always where the imbalance is located.

In addition, j ust balancing any of these muscle on their own often will not give full or lasting benefit. The whole body needs to be in balance to do this. So before a kinesiologist tests the back muscles, they should first check what is called the Centering system, because if the Centering systems are out of balance, the whole body is very much out of balance. The Centering systems are energy systems that seen to relate to the nervous system.

Also, the kinesiologist should do what is called a Fourteen Muscle Balance. Each one of these muscles related to a different organ in the body. For example, the Psoas muscle related to the kidneys. If the Psoas muscle is out of balance, the kidneys can be out of balance. And it works in reverse as well. If the kidneys are out of balance (for example, because of a lack of enough good water at some time in the day), then the Psoas muscles can go out of balance. And since the Psoas muscles are in the hip region, having the Psoas muscles out of balance can cause hip or back pain. Therefore, rebalancing the Psoas muscle with kinesiology can heal hip or back pain.

In order to heal my own back pain, I had to do more than just re-balance my body and back muscles. Muscle testing indicated that I also had to give up sugar. I did that totally for three months, and my back pain went away and has not returned for over fifteen years. Other people may have back pain because of stress stored in their body from a physical stress in the past, such as a car accident, or from a great emotional stress in the past. Muscle testing can indicate which particular event is causing the back pain, and also has a technique called “Emotional Stress Release” which removes the stressful memories from one part of the brain and refiles them in a part of the brain which does not cause stress to the body. I teach how to identify and remove emotional stress from the past in great detail in my DVD training series.

Please do yourself and your loved ones a great favor and get “Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing – The Revolution in Natural Health Care”. This will be something that you use, not only to heal pain right now, but for the rest of your life. There is no risk to you because we offer a full 60 day money back guarantee (less shipping) if you are not fully happy with what this DVD series does for you.

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