Applied Kinesiology correction for High and Low Blood Pressure Healing

Applied Kinesiology correction for High Blood Pressure and Low Blood Pressure Healing

This is from a book that is out of print, Dr. Sheldon Deal’s Basic Applied Kinesiology Workshop Manual.

The body is very intelligent. If the blood pressure is too high, generally there is a reason for that, such as, if the blood vessels are lined with plaque, the heart has to pump harder to keep the body alive. This is often caused by problems with diet, although not what the Medical Mafia would tell you, because the heart disease industry helps fuel the $3 trillion a year they receive in the USA alone (as of 2016).

My book You’re not fat, You’re Toxic, which is a natural health manual that summarizes $750 worth of other books, as well as contains much information you won’t find elsewhere, contains 16 entries in the index to causes of heart disease, as well as 41 for cancer and 32 for diabetes. Doing the following correction alone without doing some serious improvements to diet and probably also emotional healing will not do much.

However, if you have tried all that, the following may help:

I did this correction once for a an old woman (around 70s) I worked on whose blood pressure was too high; she crawled on to the massage table as though she was a very, very old woman, and she JUMPED off the massage table as though she was young again! It took decades off her life. Later at the beach her grandchildren asked her if she was on drugs, she had so much energy!


As for all muscle testing and applied kinesiology, first do the pretests, check that centering (including the cloacals) is in balance, and do a 14 muscle balance. These are all taught in Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing.

Test a strong indicator leg muscle (such as Quadriceps). Have patient touch each one of the following in sequence:

  1. One hand over the 1st thoracic vertebra – should be strong.
  2. Other hand over the heart – should be strong.
  3. Touching both places at the same time.

If number 3 causes the indicator muscle to go weak, the blood pressure is unacceptable to the body, either too high or too low, regardless of the actual blood pressure reading.


Strangely, the book does not have a correction. I just have my hand written notes from my teacher about how the causes can be emotional, chemical etc.

However, there is one note. This is what I did for the old woman I mentioned above. Try this if No. 3 goes weak:

Have person put fingers in ears. They turn their fingers forwards as they breath in – this brings it down.

Turn fingers upwards as they breath in – this brings it up.

Then retest numbers 1,2 and 3.

(As for all kinesiology, if you can’t work out which direction to turn the fingers, before you do the correction, talk to the body with indicator changes as to which direction means “up” and which means “down”).





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