Synergistic Kinesiology – Western Medicine versus Wholistic Health

Western Medicine versus Wholistic Health



The body is passive. Outside influences make it unwell.

The body does things to compensate for the stresses it is subject to. These stresses can be chemical, nutritional, emotional, structural or electrical.

The symptoms are the disease

Symptoms are healing processes


Health is caused by the correct BALANCE of nutritious food, oxygen, pure water, exercise, rest, sleep, sunshine, emotional poise and electrical environment. Our food should include over 90 vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. It should also include the right fruit and vegetables as they produce alkalies which neutralise the acids from the waste products of the body cells. This works hand-in-hand with being free of parasites, the effect of which is described in the article “Cure for all Diseases“.

Healing is a biological process initiated and accomplished by the body and its inherent ability to eliminate and regenerate. No outside agent has the ability to heal or ‘cure’. No drug, medicine, herb, food or therapy can actually ‘heal’. However, they may assist in providing favourable conditions for healing to occur.

Drugs fall into two main categories:



“opposites cure opposites”

For example, if a person is constipated they are given a substance that in a healthy person would cause diarrhoea

“like cures like”

It stimulates a memory of what is happening to the body.  Once reminded, the body heals itself.

However, drugs are not active. They are passive. It is the body which is active. If the drugs did the work, then a drug for diarrhoea would have little effect on a healthy person, more effect on a sick person, and cause the most amount of diarrhoea in a corpse. The opposite is what happens. A healthy body gets diarhhoea because the body knows that the drug is bad for it, and wants the drug OUT of the body as quickly as possible.

The disadvantage with allopathic drugs is that they don’t address the cause of the problem. They control rather than help the body. This is why allopathic drugs have side-effects. It is just that the doctor decides which side-effects he/she thinks are needed.

For example, if a doctor decides that the blood pressure is “too high” he may give a drug that forces the body to lower the blood pressure. However, the blood pressure may be raised because the blood vessels are lined with fat and other foreign substances, and the heart actually HAS to raise the blood pressure, to work harder to get blood to the various parts of the body. The body is making the best of a bad situation.

Another example. If a person has a headache, a doctor will generally give a person a drug to mask the pain. However, he seldom asks to find out what may be CAUSING the pain. I have found out from experience that in many cases, possibly as high as 50%, that when someone has a headache, if they drink 1-2 pints of good water, their headache is gone within 20-30 minutes. The pain was caused by dehydration, and toxins which the body couldn’t flush out of the system.

You may be surprised when you discover how few people drink the recommended (even by doctors) 6-8 glasses of water a day. Many drink none or almost none at all! The fact that these people are alive is a tribute to the body’s fantastic ability to make the best of a bad situation.

The medical system is saying that it knows more about your body than your body does. Well, the amazing thing is that your body managed to grow from a simple cell into a full-grown body, with everything in the right place (two legs, two arms, two eyes, one heart, one set of lungs etc. – all working perfectly – and all bodies looking much the same as each other) WITHOUT ANY ADVISE FROM A DOCTOR!

The ‘symptoms’ we perceive as ‘disease’ are actually the very processes the body uses to restore balance, and thus health, to an out of balance system. What are the symptoms of ‘disease’ (dis – ease)? Amazingly they are few in number:

The only symptoms of disease are:




Hardening (sclerosis)




Necrosis (tissue breakdown)




Inflammation (redness)


Increased temperature


Nerve signalling problems

We are led to believe that there are many different diseases requiring many different treatments. The truth of the matter is that there are many different parts of the body with many and varied functions and if any of the above ‘symptoms’ occur in those parts the condition seems different only because that part or system has a different function.

For example, Bronchitis is an inflammation in the bronchial tubes. The symptoms are coughing, pain, discharge and temperature increase – but no bowel spasms, diarrhoea or intestinal bloating. Colitis is an inflammation of the colon. The symptoms are abdominal cramps, loose stools, discharge of mucus and some bloating – but no coughing, chest pain or breathing difficulties. Why? The bowels can’t cough and the lungs don’t pass stools.

This is why many different and apparently unrelated conditions in the body improve or disappear when we restore the structural, chemical and emotional contexts to balance.



The body has two responses to the introduction of a threat to its structural, chemical and emotional integrity. The first is resistance which is active and in many cases dramatic actions, such as rashes, swelling, fainting or vomiting.

As resistance is expensive of energy, and the body does not have a limitless supply, resistance cannot be maintained indefinitely. If the attack continues, the body’s enthusiasm for resistance sadly gives way to the apathy of toleration or adaptation. The spirit of the fight is lost and acceptance of unsuitable things lays the foundation for chronic illness and inevitable death. The body degenerates in the following order (virtually all body problems can be located in the following 8 steps):

1. Enervation

Lack of energy, locally or generally, due to going out of balance by exceeding the biological laws by having too much or too little oxygen, pure water, wholesome/unwholesome food, exercise, rest, sleep, sunshine,
emotional poise or electrical disturbances.

2. Toxemia

The lack of energy has reduced elimination of waste and thus toxins begin to build up. The person is tired and feels sluggish.

3. Irritation

Waste has reached irritant proportions. The body may initiate a resistance at this stage if there is some energy to do it with. Otherwise passive acceptance, stiffness, pains and deposits remind that all is not well.

4. Inflammation

and toxaemia have reached threatening levels, so energy must be mustered from within to activate the inflammation process, which means more blood (redness), more white cells (pus discharge) and more lubrication and neutralisation (mucous). That is, the immune response is in full swing, and the body is actively resisting and processing.

Depending on where the inflammation occurs, it is usually labelled as an “itis”, eg appendicitis, colitis, tonsillitis.

Unfortunately, at this point the process may be suppressed with drugs (more toxaemia), or the energy reserves may fail and the body changes out of desperation to an adaptation/toleration mode.

5. Ulceration or Necrosis

There is even more tissue breakdown in whatever area of the body it begins. There is not enough energy or materials to repair with.

6. Induration (Hardening)

This is a hardening, thickening or toughening of tissue (eg arthritis). It is the body’s desperate attempt to stop the extreme breakdown of cells. This is adaptation/toleration at its peak.

7. Fungation

The induration of tissue has reduced the oxygen to the tissues by reducing blood circulation. The resultant build up of waste causes this new stage. Organisms such as yeasts, fungi, bacteria and protozoa find the environment most favourable for feeding and production. They in turn create more toxins to the already overburdened system.

8. Cancer

The cells find themselves cut off from the oxygen they love, so in order to survive they must alter their function by becoming anaerobic, which leads to them becoming independent and cancerous. The immune system is too tired to deal with the situation, and the final take over of the body is beginning. And yet, this is still an intelligent process, designed to maintain life in a situation that is way from ideal.


As our bodies replace and replenish themselves completely, atom by atom every 18 months, we do have the ability to reverse the above changes. One of the first steps that needs to be taken is to restore the energy in Step 1. This can be done by a kinesiology balance or other means. Our responsibility is to study the laws and apply the conditions of health. If we fail at that, all else fails.


Tilden, Dr John. Toxemia. Further developed by Dr Herbert Shelton in all of his works from Natural Hygiene Press. Some titles are Fasting for the Renewal of Life, Health for the Millions, Orthotrophy Vols1-3 and many more now out of print but available from Health Research, Mokelume Hill Ca.






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