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Although I did not know it at the time, my first introduction to muscle testing was through a vet. A woman close to me had a racehorse who was lame. She called in a horse chiropractor. The chiropractor had me put one arm held straight on the horse, and then would tap on a particular nail on the horse’s shoe, and then would push on my other arm which he told me to hold out straight. Suddenly, after tapping on one particular nail, my arm that was being held out, shot downwards. I could not hold it up!

The chiropractor removed that particular nail. Apparently, it had been put on too tight. Instantly, the horse’s lameness disappeared!

Kinesiology and muscle testing can do miracles for healing health problems of people naturally, and it works even better on animals. This is because animals are less likely to eat the wrong food (as long as we feed them correctly) or to have emotional problems. And unlike some people, they don’t have subconscious thoughts which sabotage their desire to do what it takes to get well.

After I learned kinesiology and muscle testing, I worked on animals a number of times, with great success. I did this once to a racehorse, a chestnut filly (a young female horse). I stuck a metal plate on the horse’s rump, ran a wire to a woman who was on a massage table out of kicking distance, and got the woman to go surrogate for the horse. As usual, I first did the pretests, and confirmed that the woman was in balance. Then I told the woman’s body to go surrogate for the horse. Muscle testing then confirmed that I was getting accurate information from the horse. When I next muscle tested the woman’s Anterior Deltoid muscle, it went weak. That is, the muscle that enables you to put your arm straight in front of you. On a horse, this is the muscle that allows them to throw their forelegs in front, so that they can gallop – obviously very important to a racehorse!

Here’s the weird thing: When I was first working on the woman, the filly was perpendicular to me, half asleep, with her head pointed towards the wall of the open stable she was in. She was a good distance away from me. But when I muscle tested the woman’s Anterior Deltoid, after I told the woman’s body to go surrogate for the filly, and saw that the muscle was weak, instantly the filly lifted her head and pointed it right towards me, with her eyes wide open, in what appeared to be amazement. She looked me right in the eye, and I clearly got the message “What did you do to me just then?!” (Animals, like children, have telepathic abilities).

Another day I worked on another racehorse, a brown gelding. The owner asked me to balance him because when she turned up at his yard with a saddle, the horse ran away from her. The day after I balanced the horse, and the owner turned up at the yard with the saddle, the horse ran towards her!

Another time I worked on this same brown gelding, when he seemed a little nervous. I had worked on him a few of times, and knew that he was nearly always very much in balance. But this particular time he was hugely out of balance and I was not able to put him back in balance. So I did the technique that I teach and recommend that everyone do – muscle test to find out why he went out of balance. Surprisingly, it was an emotion. I don’t remember the exact emotion, but it was anger or something very similar. Most animals do not get negative emotions, but they do pick them up from other people, like sponges. Children do the same. Muscle testing indicated that the source of the anger was from some people. I then learned that the husband and wife who owned the place where the horse was being boarded, had a huge fight and screaming match with each other, for half an hour, in the small cow paddock directly in front of the open stall that the horse was kept in. I then did Emotional Stress Release on the horse, and he was able then to be put back into balance.

Another example was when an owner booked their middle-sized dog in to see me. The dog hated going to the vet. However, when coming to my workplace, the dog walked on ahead of the owner, and stopped and sat outside the garden gate to my place of work, and waited for the owner to catch up – even though he had never been there before! I remember at one time rubbing the dog’s lymphatic spots and my head was right next to the dog’s head. He growled – no doubt because it hurt more than I had realized. I apologized and told him it was necessary, and straight away he started grinning and panting happily.

Naturally, you can also use muscle testing to find out what foods are negative, neutral and positive for animals. Note that cats and dogs should be fed what is natural for cats and dogs – raw meat, plus vegetables, as they normally eat all the predigested vegetables that are in an animals’ digestive tract. Processed cat and dog food is loaded with toxins.

Herbivorous animals, including birds, should be given a good supply of fresh, juicy green grass, not just dried food, in addition to whatever else you give them. Try it, and you will see they go crazy for it.

Animals that normally live in packs or flocks, such as dogs, horses, birds and rabbits, must have a friend with them at all times, or they can suffer hugely from emotional stress – even terror. Rodents should always have a dark place to hide in so that they know that they are safe from predators.


This is what you do, once you have learned all the techniques in my DVD Training system, Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing, and had someone learn it with you and put you and themselves in balance.

When you do bodywork on an animal, you do the same for them as if the animal were a human. You imagine the animal standing up, as if they were a human, and locate the meridians and lymphatic and vascular points on the same places as if they were a person. That is, the animal’s front legs are like the ‘arms’ of a person, and the back legs are the back legs.


You need a person to go surrogate for the animal. As usual, do the pretests on the human, and make sure they are fully in balance.

Then tape a piece of metal (such as the top of a can) onto the animal, and attach it by a thin wire to another piece of metal, which you tape onto the skin of your human surrogate, so that there is a physical connection between the two.

Now, any information you get from muscle testing the human, will be coming from the animal.

Do the muscle tests on the human. Do the corrections on the animal (or on the human if that is not possible, but it’s best to do them on the animal wherever possible). Lock the corrections in by muscle testing the human.

Then remove the metal when you are done.

To be absolutely sure the connection between the human and the animal has been broken say,

“This body is itself again”. And muscle test. It should lock.

How does this work? No one really knows fully, but the results speak for themselves. We are energy. We have an energy field around us. I believe that the best way to understand how this works is to read “The Holographic Universe”. Here’s a good article about it.


People using Acupuncture to Treat their Pets (Note: Applied kinesiology is much more effective than acupuncture, and muscle testing can help you find the cause of the problem, to stop it completely.






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