Check List for Wernicke’s Commands

Check List for Wernicke’s Commands This list is designed to make sure that you check for all of the most important Wernicke’s Commands. To do these techniques, please do at least Disks #1, #2, #5 & #11 of Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing. To balance out drugs, you need to learn Disk #12.[…]

Synergistic Kinesiology – Code of Ethics

Synergistic Kinesiology Code of Ethics I agree to be ethical in all my dealings with my client. I agree to not cross relationship boundaries, concerning either romance or business. I agree to not invalidate a client by word or thought. I agree to do the best I can to not work with a client if[…]

Synergistic Kinesiology – Western Medicine versus Wholistic Health

Western Medicine versus Wholistic Health THE MEDICAL MODEL THE WHOLISTIC MODEL The body is passive. Outside influences make it unwell. The body does things to compensate for the stresses it is subject to. These stresses can be chemical, nutritional, emotional, structural or electrical. The symptoms are the disease Symptoms are healing processes Health is caused[…]

Synergistic Kinesiology – Muscle Testing vs. Dowsing

Muscle Testing vs. Dowsing Question: How is this use of muscle-testing (to “get accurate answers for things you know nothing about … PROVIDED you are open-minded to the answer, do pretests and have a quality clear question”) different from the use of the pendulum, L-rods, hazel twigs, or other forms of dowsing? Very simple. When[…]

Synergistic Kinesiology – Emotional Stress Release

Emotional Stress Release “Emotional Stress Release” (ESR) is a technique taught in “Touch for Health” (No. One) – a weekend seminar. See or your health food store to learn of seminars in your area. When we are under stress, blood goes to the back of our brain, where the past is stored. But when[…]

Synergistic Kinesiology – Tips for a Career, Job or Earning a Living as a Kinesiologist

Tips for a Career, Job or Earning a Living as a Kinesiologist The first thing to understand about training for a job or career in kinesiology is that there are two types of kinesiology. There is a kind of kinesiology that is taught at some colleges and is defined simply as “the branch of physiology[…]

Synergistic Kinesiology – Energy Healing with Applied Kinesiology

Energy Healing with Applied Kinesiology Life is energy. Our bodies are made of energy. Pain and health problems are caused by lack of energy, or energy that is stuck int he wrong place. Our brains and nerves work by energy. In addition to electrical energy, our bodies have another kind of energy that chi, or[…]

Synergistic Kinesiology – The Ileo-Cecal Valve

The Ileo-Cecal Valve Muscle Testing the folds of the Large Intestine. The Ileo-Caecal Valve test looks similar to this, only the client touches this area on the RIGHT side instead. Stephanie Relfe (nee Wilkins) in Australian “Wellbeing” Magazine, No. 61, September 1995 The Ileo-Cecal Valve correction is one of the most important techniques in kinesiology,[…]

Synergistic Kinesiology – The Gaits Correction

The Gaits Correction From Applied Kinesiology Stephanie Relfe, B.Sc., Synergistic Kinesiologist GAITS A balance of rest and exercise is necessary to keep a body in optimum health. In particular, the body needs to exercise so as to drain the lymph fluid of the waste products from all its cells. People who don’t exercise are virtually[…]

“Wernicke’s Commands” in the Brain Cause Self Sabotage

“Wernicke’s Commands” in the Brain Cause Self Sabotage This correction was first presented in the USA at the Annual Conference of the USA Touch for Health Kinesiology Association in Florida July 2000 by Stephanie Relfe. See —– Wernicke’s Command:   (definition) A negative, suppressive command knowingly or unknowingly installed by second person in the right Wernicke’s[…]

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